12 May – Pot Pourri!

Another fine day at the Racecourse and a good number (but not too many!) passengers.  The workforce included Bob & Ros, Steve, Bill, Ben, Maurice, Terry, Colin, John – with Dave T & Mary absent on leave and Dave G absent on duty.  Thus it fell to us to implement the latest task list – and I can report that much progress was made.  An early bird mowed the grassy areas and Colin was good enough to trim and tidy up the edges:IMG_0370

A relaxed gardener but a super neat job done!

Meanwhile, Steve was celebrating the arrival of the new strimmer with a few test runs as well as planting up some new annuals:IMG_20180512_114642

Bill and Ben were shed fettling by removing all the existing nuts and bolts joining frame to corrugated sheet.

These surely have to be the snaps of the week – good see Bill enjoying himself and what odds on Ben letting one or more of the fixings roll into that soakaway!  Sitting down on the job mind you!

We have a new extreme sport at CRCS, it’s basically called stump removal, and today’s contestants were Maurice and John:

Actually, they were much happier than the images might suggest – look at the stylish pick wielding! The aim is to have a nice walkable (and ‘barrowable’) path along the top of Platform 1 Bank – so holes are being filled in where stumps once obstructed:


I think we are winning!

Even less glamorous was Terry’s task (with me) of weeding and debris removal from the track bed – a thankless, irritating and endless routine but it does leave a much neater looking station.IMG_20180512_120305

And finally, Ros was busy on the P2 garden while Bob was engaged in finishing the repair job on the front the Ticket Office building (see yesterday’s blog for the before picture):

Looks a professional job to me!

And finally, finally there was a little watering to do as usual:IMG_20180512_114405

Keep up the good work ladies and gents!


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