7 May: Strike it Lucky!?

I dropped in for a couple of hours work this morning (luckily pay is at ‘time-and-a-half’ on Bank Holidays) and treated to a glorious scene – there can’t be a prettier sight on the GWSR than a busy Cheltenham Racecourse Station on sunny spring morning.  However, after mowing grass for an hour it seemed too hot for such extravagant activity so I filled the water butt on Platform 1 Bank, dug out a stray fence post (obviously the blog labelled ‘The Last Post’ was over-optimistic!) and generally pottered around doing odd jobs and train watching:

The extraction of the concrete post was reasonably easily accomplished though I had to realign a couple of new hawthorns afterwards.  However, since lifting the post whole proved beyond me, I took mild revenge by breaking it in two for removal.

I am sure David Attenborough is aware of this but the oceans are not the only places where there is a lot of bits of stray plastic; there might be 2 trillion in the seas but there almost as many at the Racecourse Station.  And leaving this hedge line undisturbed for 30 (or is it 50?) years has only made the litter problem more noticeable.  Well, it’s either litter or we have the only naturally occurring seam of plastic bags in Gloucestershire, with occasional deposits of polystyrene cups and Walkers crisps packets!  Viz:IMG_20180507_112125

However, the compensation  of working on Platform 1 bank is, of course, the view one gets of the rest of the Station.


Worth a visit surely!

I am sure there will be other colleagues at the Station this afternoon doing other equally valuable jobs – Bank Holiday or not.




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