5 May

May I first take the opportunity to record with sadness the passing of Bob Ledamun – who died a few a days ago after a long illness.  Bob was a longstanding and faithful supporter of the team at the Racecourse Station and will be sadly missed.  Our thoughts are with his brother Paul and other close family members.



There was, among the staff at least, a palpable sense of relief that this weekend didn’t hold any more operational pressures.  So a normal, reasonably busy service could be resumed on a nice sunny Saturday morning.  It is, I imagine, useful for the railway (or those in charge) to have a period of reflection and settling down into what should become the normal routine for the new Cheltenham to Broadway service and associated new timetables.  And as a consequence there will a need to avoid the ‘knee jerk’ reaction to what seemed, at times last weekend, to be overly busy trains and somewhat harassed Station Staff!  Anyway, I am sure the great and the good will be addressing these issue leaving those ’employed’ at a more mundane level to get on with the usual maintenance and development tasks.

To that end there was a medium-sized turn out this morning at CRCS with Dave T and Mary on their holidays in Scarborough (competing in the Tour de Yorkshire I wonder?) and one or two others absent on other activities.  I noted: Colin, Bob & Ros, Terry, Maurice, Dave G, Andy M, Bill, John, Steve & Mike – though there may have been others in the undergrowth and I wont try and pin down who did what!

Lots of gardening tasks  were accomplished with, surprisingly some watering (it being at least 48 hours since the last heavy rain!) – especially the pots and newly planted hedgelings! Here’s some of the work and the results:

Down on the bottom of Platform 2 the new shed preparation is coming on with the appropriate armoured cable being laid, backfilled with hardcore and fed into the relevant chambers and ports. (Note the buried yellow tape showing ‘Cable – Do Not Dig Here’ – professional job this!)

Bill, meanwhile, was busy fettling the shed by removing some extraneous rusty pieces and ‘designing’ how the bits will be put together again (hopefully!).  Anyway here is busy with the angle grinder:IMG_20180505_101725

It’ll be a fine sight when it’s back in one piece.

In answer to recent queries the 2 ‘Des Res’ are still not occupied – I popped up the P1 Bank and checked out the situation:

There was lots of avian activity mind you so perhaps more vegetation will produce a conducive environment.

Best wishes to all.


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