30 Apr – Trench Warfare!

Having put the thermals in the loft, washed the winter fleece and mislaid my gloves I wasn’t prepared (was anyone?) for the return of the cool (cold) weather.  However, following a strong hint from colleagues, I thought that Monday morning would be a good time to put in a shift – rather then the prospective Monday afternoon of rain showers.  Fortunately, although it was as cool as forecast, it was certainly not as wet – for which small mercy we thank the weather gods.

The real reason for getting there early was to assist Bob and Ros in removing the bunting – a tedious task but significantly more so if it is ‘soggy’ bunting.  So I beetled in for 0815 and got untwining.  Bob and Ros duly arrived and took the professional lead: you have to be a bit careful when wrapping it up otherwise it has self-tangling tendencies.  However, with all 3 of us up ladders and whatnot there was no-one to take a photo.  So the masonic secrets of bunting wrapping will remain inscrutable.

More prosaically, Wylie arrived mid-task and was looking for work.  Which meant trench digging in Platform 2!  So here are the fruits of our labours:

And here’s the main man himself adopting his scrutinising pose:IMG_20180430_103503

Good work.  All we need now is a cable to go in the trench!



PS: I am sure the Monday afternoon team got up to some good work as well;  John already had the allotment in trim by mid-morning.

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