28 Apr: ‘Put that Light Out!’

There were no prizes for guessing who was in temporary control at the Racecourse Station:IMG_20180428_125424

Or, in control of that bit of the process anyway.  I am less certain who was in control of the ticket sales but I do know that there seemed to be more passengers than seats available on the departures from the Station this morning – car park overflowing etc etc. One for the management team I suspect.

That said I was hugely impressed by both of the ‘enactors’ and the general train travellers who had made great efforts to dress up and join in the spirit of the occasion.  Here are some samples:

Rather than be overwhelmed by the numbers and mayhem a small team beetled off to the safety of Platform 2 to do some more shed bashing!  Having reported upcycling success on Thursday I had a less propitious start by having 3 lengths of mains cable all of which were a few feet short!  Drat it!  So, reluctantly, we detailed Bill off to consider purchase of a new stretch whilst Ben, Andy M and I concentrated on some old-fashioned preparation work.  In keeping with the 1940s no mechanical aids were used in the digging of this fine trench!

Such was the level of frantic activity that I could make no sense of which other volunteers were present (the list was full of non-CRCS names) though I did see Steve fixing stuff, Dave T hedging, Colin assisting and John ‘digging for victory’.  I am sure there were others that I didn’t spot – apologies.  However, I capture Mike having made his down the Platform 1 slope to join in the fun:IMG_20180428_094153

And finally, by lunchtime, Dave G was very sensibly resting in the staff room having a well-earned break, with a sandwich lunch and a sympathetic ear from Ros Stark.IMG_20180428_123855

Actually he was thinking up a suitable response to the question ‘Why don’t you just put some more trains on?’.  Why not clone P&O:




One thought on “28 Apr: ‘Put that Light Out!’

  1. Please tell Dave G. that they didn’t have Velcro fastenings in the 1940’s! Serge coat is required, – it can get a little waterlogged though. I don’t think they had rain covers for caps either!
    Sorry to seem pedantic. Put it down to having a boringly cold day at home.
    Regards, Paul.


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