It was quite delightful to be at the Racecourse Station this morning in pleasant sunshine and dry conditions.  There were reasonable passenger numbers but I guess it is something of a lull between the Easter holidays (plus Broadway festivities & Asparagus Day) and the first of our regular special events with ‘Wartime in the Cotswolds’ this weekend.  That said there were a fair sprinkling of pre-schoolers with their grandparents, plus some lucky person enjoying a footplate experience, as Dinmore Manor steamed splendidly out of the Station dead on time:IMG_20180426_105322

So whilst Bob Stark and David Miles (with the plan!) continued their locating of UXBs and various wartime signs, I ploughed on with developments for the new shed.

I am frequently aghast at the amount of infrastructure work involved in maintaining a railway.  Trying to run a system to 21st century Health and Safety standards but utilising essentially 19th century technology on the railway itself adds another layer of complexity, as of course does the desire for as much ‘authenticity’ as possible.

Wouldn’t it, said the authorities at CRCS, be a good idea if the new shed had power and water.  Water’s no problem since there had been a rather ugly blue pipe sticking out of the ground since the Platform 2 build team departed – right next to the shed base – so an easy fix.  Power, however, needs to be brought for preference off the platform, with the junction box a mere 150m or so away.  So, up came the chamber covers out with the lengths of heavy duty mains flex and away:

A little additional drainage required here and there but the existing cables (which feed the lights) are snug and dry.  After much tugging and heaving I was pleased with progress – having run a 100m or so of cable invisibly under the platform.  So this aspect of the job is about 2/3 complete.  And working at my own pace I was free to admire the flowers growing on the track bed:IMG_20180426_092225

Sadly, they won’t be allowed to stay and our next run of hoe or the weed killer will see them exterminated.  Ah well I’ve recorded their brief moment of glory!



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