23 Apr Part 2: After the horse had bolted….

Subsequent to the asparagus festivities in the morning, normal work was resumed on Monday afternoon.  Or at least that’s what we expected until a train turned up – always a little unnerving on a Monday!!

Anyway, it wasn’t a rogue engine hijacked from Toddington but Neil Carr and his acolytes storming down the line with some ‘Wartime in the Cotswolds’ paraphernalia for the coming weekend.  So here are some snaps of a relatively rare visitor to CRCS:IMG_20180423_145207

The event looks even more complex then ever – but should be fun!

Elsewhere, Mary and John were gardening, Dave T was tree tending whilst Roger and Dave were engaged on the usual painting tasks.  A small but perfectly formed team of Ian and Chris jet washed the final section of edge slabs on Platform 1.

And as a stress buster I took out 2 monstrous bramble roots from the cleared area behind P1 bank:

I then back filled the hole with soil but (accidentally) added my phone to the mix.  On discovering it was missing I had to ask Dave T to phone me and listen out for the ring tone and unbury it!  Let’s call that one a senior moment!


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