Carry On Painting… Again!


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Whilst you were labouring with the “new” (well distressed and heritage) hut for Platform 2, Dave Griffin and I were making the most of a temporary possession of the Ticket Office and its precincts.
Dave’s newly painted worker’s notice board was put up in its new position on the wall above the future tea/coffeee making table – which also moved – and temporarily the fridge freezer and several other items that were fixed to the wall close to it were moved to new locations. This will enable Dave to “carry on painting” (Could a comedy film be made of this activity?) those parts of the worker’s room that so far have been out of reach of his paint brush.IMG_0331
Outside with sole possession of the brick running line I lifted an area of paving bricks and improved the soak away potential of the surface below. It is hoped that this will provide a quick fix to the puddling that occurs in this area when the rain doth pour.IMG_0329

     The image above was near the end of relaying of a small section of 32 bricks that were lifted and relaid and now all we need is an April shower to test the efficacy of the repair.


One thought on “Carry On Painting… Again!

  1. Herringbone patter paviors laid on sand is an impermeable surface and will not drain. If the puddles are a problem then you need to add a drain or relay the paving to fall to the edge of the paving.


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