14 Apr – Spring in Your Step!

At last!  The weather has improved (possibly temporarily but who cares!) so that both passengers and volunteers were out in force this morning.  A huge total of 16 (I can’t recall more) sturdy individuals were present for duty this morning at the Racecourse Station.  (And Dave G was Station Master.)  There were: Mike, Mary, Dave T, Bob & Roz, Colin, Terry, Maurice, Steve, John, Ben, Andy B, Andy M, Bill and finally Wylie – who we welcomed for the first but hopefully not last time; it’s always sunny and cheerful at the Racecourse, Wylie!

There was, needless to say, a loud buzz of activity created by all these folk.  In no particular order:

Bob was busy killing plants on the roadside frontage of the Ticket Office whilst Roz was busy growing them on Platform 2.IMG_20180414_092621

Ben, Bill, Andy M (and yours truly) were busy beginning to extend the base near the Signal Box for the arrival of our new ‘hut’ – a GWR original apparently.  The existing (excellent) B&S base is unfortunately a foot short all round since it was intended for a different hut.  Anyway, we scored highly for imagination (also known as tool abuse due to having the wrong kit) and upcycling/recycling – no parts purchased so far and much inventiveness displayed. Pictures to follow in a later blog.

There were 2 teams on the P1 embankment: John leading one to remove roots and other nasty remnants of the previous vegetation whilst Dave T organised another group to plant some more hawthorns and hazels in the new hedge line.  All looking very promising and, courtesy of the recent weather, shouldn’t need watering until at least June (2019!).  If we do I’ve repaired the water point near the container:IMG_20180411_153740

Just about within my technical capacity!

Elsewhere, there was a major push on the gardening front – as everything is springing into life.  So Mary was in charge and managing much planning and planting – looking good already.

IMG_20180414_124846It was good to see Bill back in cheerful person – rather than simply his blogging presence – we need his managerial skills and drive to get some of the more technical projects under way!

And finally, here’s our new volunteer Wylie being briefed by Dave T with some back copies of ‘Railway’!  Hopefully this won’t put him off.IMG_20180414_124313

And finally, the reason we’re all here:IMG_20180414_1049192807 steaming back along Platform 2 to pick up the first set of the day.

Informally, I understand that the opening few weeks of the season have been very busy – the ‘Broadway effect’ no doubt – but considering the weather this must be very encouraging for the management in terms of income.

Now time for a rest in sunshine!


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