Breakfast and a Token Gesture……..

A small  but beautifully formed group of  5 volunteers were on parade today and much of the time was taken up planting and protecting a row of Hawthorne whips along the top fence line. The tedium of the job caused my photo opportunity eye to wander to the activity on the platforms.

2807 was on duty for the first train of the day. It is mandatory to get the bacon butty under your belt before the return journey (now of course extended to Broadway). It was good to see this train almost full with happy, waving passengers.


Dinmore Manor arrived with the second train of the day. The signalman’s apprentice receives the token  under the watchful eye of the signalman in charge.


Finally the Hawthorne hedge was planted to to the end of the fence line.


Here Dave and John perfect the technique for installing the canes inside the protective tubes. The extent of the the fence line is by the volunteer on the horizon!


I must not forget Tim, who came in yesterday to dig all the holes for the planting – team work is the name of the game!

Bill Britton


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