22 Mar – Can you see what it is yet?

A short excerpt from the life of a volunteer today – just to keep readers up-to-date with progress at the Racecourse Station.  As the remaining elements of the Festival are being dismantled and put away for another 12 months a new bunch are busy putting a fairground in place for (I guess) this weekend.IMG_20180322_111139

Personally, I idled away my morning having a small bonfire and clearing the path for the new hawthorn plants.  In the process of which I raked under the current hedge where a (largely notional) drainage ditch lies.  Regular readers will be familiar with my frequent complaints about what this contains: let’s just say mostly ‘unwanted items.  Today, however, my mood was lightened by the following sequence:


See anything of value (except my gauntlets obviously)!


Any more ideas?


Surely you can see it by now………………?


……..but to remove all doubt!

Ha! So picking all that litter up was not a waste of time after all.  I had a good dig around just in case there were any more buried hereabouts – sadly not! – and I was just thinking about heading down to the Royal Oak in Prestbury for a much deserved pie and pint with this ‘well-earned’ windfall when the boss (DaveT) turned up with the 250 hawthorn plants.  So I felt obliged to hand in the £10 to the Treasurer of Racecourse Station funds, and left feeling virtuous but hungry (& thirsty)!  Here by the way are the hedging plants plus stakes:IMG_20180322_121952

Look promising for the new hedge – hope the weather is kind for us on Saturday to get some planting done.



One thought on “22 Mar – Can you see what it is yet?

  1. What a rob!!! You found it. At the very least it should be up to you to say what Is bought with it! Maybe some ex GWR item for the station or…. perhaps a replica enamel sign…. or maybe not. Well, anyway I am sure it will be put to good use whatever it goes on.
    BTW. The hedgerow is looking better.
    Regards, Paul. AKA St. Blazey 1925.


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