19 Mar – How’s the Billy Goat……..Gruff!

A small band of sturdy volunteers braved the elements this Monday to continue our standard preparations and improvements: Dave G, Chris, Roger, Ian and John.  The remains of yesterday’s snow hardly troubled us other than leaving the normal legacy of dripping roofs and oozing embankments – dry it certainly isn’t, so don’t let me hear any murmurs from the Met Office of a drought for the next couple of years at least!  If we haven’t got enough water in Gloucs then I don’t know what in goodness name Severn Trent are doing with it!

Anyway, having got that out of my system.  I watched Chris and Ian from afar using the Billy Goat to sweep Platform 2 to a degree of almost perfect cleanliness.


Now we just need someone to use it……………….! I keep telling myself I must be patient.  Please note that isn’t my shadow intruding into the picture – it’s a troll (see later).

John was hard at work on some early season planting and weeding:IMG_20180319_144532

A hardy annual looking after hard annuals!

Elsewhere Dave G and Roger were painting the inside of the staff office – proper job this: filling the holes, using primer, undercoat and topcoat – so clearly not a task for your truly!

I was removing the last of the overgrown hawthorn prior to the arrival of some more biddable versions later in the week – so stand by for a mass planting session over the next few working days.  I wouldn’t normally be chopping down vegetation in mid-March but there seems little chance of any bird life nest building just yet, given the weather.  I checked on the local habitations (see Des Res!) but no signs of occupancy.  I expect Spring will come with a sudden rush – when it eventually does arrive!

Having wandered down from my lumberjack activities I passed Billy’s residence (in modern parlance he’s self-identified as a goat) and thought to myself that perhaps he should really live under the adjacent bridge but no, of course, he can’t because that’s where the troll lives!


Who’s that trip, trapping down the platform?

And finally, my route took back out of the main entrance – where the Festival remnants are still to be collected.  I mused on how useful one of these would be:IMG_20180319_130946 Ferrying the less able bodied passengers up and down to the platforms, pulling wheelbarrow loads of plants or compost etc etc.  Still one wouldn’t want to make life too easy otherwise it wouldn’t be the GWSR now would it?!




One thought on “19 Mar – How’s the Billy Goat……..Gruff!

  1. If you REALLY wanted a motorised trolley, maybe you could find a petrol powered Lister which would be more in keeping with a 1950’s station. Must be some still about!
    Regards, Paul. AKA St Blazey 1925.


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