17 Mar – It’s a statistical fact that…….

If there are 50 000 people in any one place at one time for, say, a day – then the chances are that one will have a heart attack, 3 will fall over and sprain their wrists, some 1000s will contract colds etc etc.  It’s all about statistics I believe.

I have some useful examples from the Cheltenham Festival.  For instance if said 50 000 people are at the Racecourse they probably throw 2 pieces of litter onto the ground each during the day – and all 100 000 blow into the Racecourse Station!!  Or at least that’s the way it seemed this morning.  Luckily, there were 2 excellent litter pickers on hand (3 if I’m included) to make some headway.  Here are a suitably unimpressed looking Ben and rather more cheerful Colin:

And after much grovelling beneath hedges and tramping through muddy pathways numerous bags of rubbish were consigned to the handily provided dump bins:

I do hope – from an environmental perspective – that some or all was sorted for re-cycling purposes by the Racecourse contractors!  (I’ve spared readers the ‘waste’ on the track just below the bridge and the remains of, I think, a rabbit which had argued with a train – all in a day’s work for the CRCS volunteers though.)

Anyway our jolly cold, windy and at times blizzardous (is that a word? – if it isn’t it should be!) Station was brightened by the impressive arrival of 35006 – see yesterday’s blog.  It’s not that I don’t admire Foremarke Hall, Dinmore Manor, the DMUs etc etc; it’s just that there is a certain majesty to P&O.  Anyway, here’s a selection of slightly dodgy snaps (my hands were frozen by this stage).

And elsewhere Dave G was painting and pottering with the Station Master to check all was well post Festival, Bob popped in to take some things to fix at home and Mary dropped of her latest garden purchases from Tewkesbury market.

Back to normal next week – but building for the big day at the end of the month!! Check it out: Broadway here we come!

Best wishes,


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