16 Mar – Gold Cup Day!

Just a brief blog today – to celebrate the end of another successful Cheltenham Festival – for the Racecourse and the Railway (I hope).  As such here are Dave Tomlin’s 4 pictures from his duty turn, with P&O certainly the star of the show in my book!P1040663




Great pictures Dave!


16 Mar – Cheltenham Festival Week

The weather, so far (it’s Friday morning) has been relatively kind to this year’s Cheltenham Festival.  However, with the prospective return of the ‘Beast from the East’, it may be that our weekend work won’t take place in such temperate conditions.  Anyway, as trailed in previous blogs, the preparations at the Racecourse (& the Station obviously) have been considerable – since the 4 days of Specials (‘At the Races’) require considerable extra effort both here and elsewhere on the GWSR.

As such this blog is a small tribute to those who have made this (enjoyable profitable!) venture worthwhile.  The pictures are all credited to one of the CRCS stalwarts: Mary Harris.  And, had I known that she was such a great photographer, I would have enrolled her in blog support team previously!

Here’s a scene setter showing some of the punters who have been escorted across our tracks, north of the Station, and on the approach road leading down past the now crowded car parks:P1040613

‘Guarding’ the level crossing is another duty where one gets an interesting perspective on 2018 Festival footwear fashions:P1040609

Here’s Dave T on that duty but not, I can assure readers, wearing his high heels (on this occasion):P1040624

Having engaged in a steady run from Toddington in to CRCS, the Specials dash back ’empty’ of passengers for the next trip.  Here’s the first of the day being pulled back past the second set of coaches on Platform visible beyond the bridge:

The active use of Platform 2 would mean more trains, more income and more mayhem. Of course some of the less discerning guests choose of come via other more expensive and less glamorous transport systems:

And this is what they come for:

The Festival is, of course, a great opportunity to promote the GWSR and especially this end of the line!  Finally, just a historical reminder, from Festival Week 1955, that it isn’t always sunny and warm in March:17309642_10155107083109282_9113872709127467027_n

Best wishes,