History 1 – Not necessarily the Good Old Days!

I was musing on what might be of interest to blog readers and, in the absence of trains and any other inspiration, I though people might like to see some of the ‘original’ photographs of the Ticket Office building – before and during restoration. Many of the pictures are courtesy of Bob Stark and I have asked him to provide me with some captions – where the content isn’t obvious or the volunteers aren’t named. There are quite lot of photos so I will blog them in batches and, in due course, may add these, plus some accompanying text, to our Recent History tab on the website.  There was no obvious categorization when I came to look through the photos and it will take a little while but, in the meantime, here is a small selection of some of the snaps.  There will be familiar faces amongst the workers, albeit looking a decade or 2 younger!25412259985_7e58299f1e_o




I’m always interested to hear what others think on these subjects of recording, promoting and preserving the historical aspects of this station, so feel free to comment if you have views – initially via the contact tab on this website.



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