5 Mar: Snow! What snow?

The changeability of British weather is, of course, either one of its charms or a compete nuisance – depending on your perspective.  Having been more or less snowed out of the Racecourse Station on Friday & Saturday one might have expected to see a gleaming white blanket over the area some 48 hours later. But no: even by Sunday there was some serious melting going on and by Monday merely the soggy, brown remnants of the blizzard had survived!


So the above are just an indication of what it had been like.  Of course the fence/hedge on the right hand side of the last 3 pictures probably used to act as a barrier to some of the snow drifting until some clot started to clear it all away!

Anyway, the sun was out (relatively briefly – it was raining hard by 4pm) and so were the Monday gang comprising Dave T, Dave G, Ian, John, Roger, Bob, Mike and Peter – with a late glimpse of Andy B.

The work was all preparation for the opening of the season next weekend.  So a small team put out the benches.  There’s a certain irony in this because we only put them under cover about 6 weeks ago and they suffered a little collateral dirt from the platform jet washing.  (Point for the authorities – CRCS needs some more ‘under cover’ areas on the Platforms for winter storage, painting etc!)  However, there’s some more serious maintenance to do to one or two with new seat planks being procured and painted up.  Hopefully, all to be installed by Saturday morning!

Some basic clearing of the platforms and slope was carried out but this was hampered by the remaining snow and final brush up will have to wait.

Refurbished signage was again to the fore with Bob re-erecting the newly painted Platform 1 sign:IMG_20180305_140204

Elsewhere, John was engaged in some early veg plot preparation and seems to be installed astro-turf rather than horticultural fleece!IMG_20180305_141011

Looks like a decent wicket – probably take spin in late July.

As ever tea break was a good opportunity to socialise.  I made the slight rookie error of asking Mike if knew when the disused railway line in Charlton Kings had last seen a train.  Apparently it was November 1962, could have been a Tuesday and the train left Cheltenham at 1805, returning about 2030; and he thought the engine number was…….

Thanks Mike – you’ve certainly reinforced your reputation as our resident railway history guru!



PS: Thanks for the many enquiries which have been made about the ‘des res’ property advertised in last week’s blog.  There have been a couple of viewings but no takers as yet.  ‘Open house’ events will continue for the next couple of weekends.



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