3 Mar: Only the Brave (aka Putting the T back in Cheltenham)


I am indebted to Bob Stark and Dave T for today’s blog – your truly only acting as editor/compiler.  However, I felt it useful to start with the most impressive snow drift I’ve seen in Gloucestershire – at the bottom end of Platform 1.  It will take a considerable thaw before it is possible for the signalman to make his way from the ‘box across to the gate.  There was, to quote Dave T, ‘….rather too much snow for old men with shovels to shift’!  Or young men for that matter, Dave!

First hurdle to overcome was that the ‘boys’ had to leave their cars outside the at park area and climb over the stile since another drift was blocking all 3 gates through the fence.  Oops!Picture6


Later, after Bob had cleared a path from the main gate to the building he was painting a new bench seat plank to replace one showing signs of rot.

Dave T carried out a site inspection to work out what the weather left for us to do before trains start next weekend, and there’s quite a bit!  Then he started the preparation of his ‘shop’ in the booking hall.  John has fitted out the old internal wooden telephone box with shelves for  spare shop stock and this morning saw Dave starting to store items in there.

As the ticket office is the only warm work space in the station currently capable of making our paint jobs dry out, it is in demand from several volunteers (not least in this weather!). John and Steve were mainly on signage work and the former had brought in his new, completed, train service board that hangs on the middle pedestrian gate and installed it.  Previous versions had allowed the service boards to “fly” in westerly winds, making them both unreadable and a flight hazard to our visitors. The Mk 2 version has all these problems solved – we hope.  He’d also crafted a new ‘T’ for Platform 1 so see below for the world’s easiest ‘spot the difference’ competition.

And finally Alan, our very own bird man of Prestbury, walked in to replenish the bird feeders and fill the water bowls – very popular with the avian fraternity I have no doubt.

Hopefully, this evening’s forecast of rain and slightly higher temperatures will save an enormous amount of snow clearing:Picture3

Thanks again to colleagues for providing the inputs.






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