26 Feb: Desirable Residence Available!


Cheltenham Racecourse Station Estate Agents are delighted to bring to the market a newly refurbished single storey, one-roomed apartment in the prestigious Prestbury Park development.  A property of character, charm and period interest it has recently undergone extensive renovation (by John of Cheltenham) and comes with a new biodegradable floor covering and revised front entrance.   The property is well ventilated and the new owners will no doubt wish to put their own stamp on the internal furnishings with a choice of local materials available in the immediate environs plus a team of skilled craftsmen prepared for any maintenance work required.  Although not connected to mains utility supplies the property is well-insulated, heated via a single slab roof top ‘solar panel’ and has fresh water supplies generally delivered daily from above.  Raised above ground level this highly desirable residence is one of 3 similar detached properties for which location is considered a key selling point. Access to the Racecourse itself is regarded a major benefit whilst there is a programme of regular entertainment available for details see What’s On at GWSR!

Outside the property is mainly laid to lawn with a strong security fence protecting access from the east plus a shared garden comprising newly trimmed hawthorn, blackthorn and bramble bushes – all maintained for free by volunteers.  Ample parking is reached via a shared driveway and, whilst the local shop (100m) is open only on a seasonal basis, free organic food supplies are available all year round.

Transport links to Winchcombe, Toddington and, coming soon, Broadway (!) are only a short hop away.

Viewing essential for this superb property. No onward chain. Would suit a couple with the intention of raising a large family and with an interest in equine activities.

For further details please contact: Cheltenham Racecourse Estate Agents *********************************************************

Bitter Winds!


Meanwhile, the Monday gang (this week Tim, Ian, Dave G, John, Roger – and a glimpse of Bob) were braving the elements and some dodgy temporary Racecourse roadways to continue winter maintenance.  And boy was it still winter!

Dave and Roger were organising the refurbishment and painting of some of our crowd barriers – (inside job mainly so lucky them!).  John was carrying out some major and minor joinery tasks, whilst Bob was busy picking things up and taking them home to work on in the warmth of his workshop (smart move!).

Elsewhere, I was executing some more trimming back of the Platform 1 embankment hedge line (I know I said this task was complete but there’s always a bit more one can do!) for a couple of hours, ably assisted by Ian.   Fifteen minutes with a chainsaw would have achieved as much but would have been less satisfying, more dangerous and provided less of a upper body work out. And, critically, we don’t have a chainsaw.





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