Wire Tree with Poo Bag

I thought I’d start today’s blog with the CRCS entry for the 2018 Turner Prize – see above.  The sub-title is ‘Nature, Industry and Art – are they still relevant in the post-modernist 21st Century?’.  Could be a winner?  And I wondered if visitors should be encouraged to pick up their own wire and add it to the tree, and note the barbed wire addition as an allusion to the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.  Hmm – shows what happens when you work too long at any task on this railway! Seriously though I wonder if we should create a small memorial area somewhere at the Racecourse Station – might be a nice addition? Blog readers suggestion would be welcome.

There was a healthy turn out from our team of volunteers with a couple of the faithful seeking some well-earned overseas sunshine.  No need to go abroad though as there was plenty of rays available at Cheltenham despite the temperature starting at an icy -3C when I arrived plus a bitter north-east wind.  Still Andys x 2, Bob, Ben, Steve, John, Colin, and Mike were all hard at it and I am indebted to Bob Stark for the details on who was dong what – he rightly supposed that I was preoccupied with my artwork!

Home team:

Andy Manley has managed to burn most of the pine needles and twigs down on the head shunt helped by the rare easterly breeze.IMG_20180224_110400John finished the workers’ key press – he is now looking for somewhere to put it, and was also painting the new timetable board that affixes to the middle small spear fencing gate at the entrance.  Stephen (amongst other tasks) was bringing the brush cutter into ‘compliance’ with recommendations made at the recent course held at CRC.  Colin and Mike were collecting twigs and pine needles from the ramp. Bob fitted a new neon mains indicator on the water heater, re-fixed the top bar of the fence down by the Signal Box gate that had come detached and took down the “T” in Cheltenham on the Pl1 running in board that was coming apart. A new one will be made in the next week.IMG_20180224_101714

Mind you I like it this way – it conforms with the local pronunciation: ‘Chel’nham, Chel’nham, this is Chel’nham Racecourse Station……………………………’

And Andy Bint has successfully reconfigured our security system such that the station CCTV can again be observed over the internet – a super job that reinstates our long lost remote access.

Whilst Ben and I tidied the P1 bank and roasted some more wood on P2:

Guest team:

Peter Parlett replaced the tap in the water tower that runs of our domestic supply (as opposed to the new supply for the locos) so that the jet wash team of Chris and Ian can connect to it and finish the platform jet washing without laying in 100 metres of hose pipe.  Thanks for that – much appreciated!

A good morning’s work and some progress towards operational readiness – only a fortnight away now apparently.

Best wishes,



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