20 Feb: Wiv’ a ladder an’ some glasses…..

There are certain tasks which have a legendary status – cleaning out the Augean Stables, painting the Forth Bridge and clearing the embankment on Platform 1  at Cheltenham Racecourse Station.  I dare say that it is a task which any decent lineside clearance team with the right kit would have done in a few days but for the Racecourse team – working on Saturday mornings and using hand tools only – it has been rather longer.


Here then, are the fruits of our labours: above a relatively clear view (stand fast a few branches, scattered tools and remains of today’s bonfire pile) of the embankment from the wooden fence at the Signal Box end looking towards the Station Buildings.  From the other end it is similarly clearish looking down from the storage pods to the same Buildings:IMG_20180220_122848

And as the old song has it: ‘Wiv’ a ladder an’ some glasses ‘ you can now more or less see from one end of the platform embankment to the other.  Hurrah!

And in the process we unearthed nothing much that was useful but removed endless reams of wire (barbed and otherwise), took out 25 rotten concrete posts, inserted several lengths of weldmesh fencing, disposed of innumerable dog poo bags (plus contents kindly donated to the hedge by passing walkers), collected hundreds of race goers empty cans, bottles and crisp packets – plus all manner of other things.  Amongst today’s haul was a champagne bottle:

IMG_20180220_121144 (2)

Which wasn’t, I confess, resting in this position originally, though it looked like good stuff to me or had been in the 1970s!  Anyway, just one more shot of the woodland wonders now revealed (with based of bird-box visible):IMG_20180220_121400

There was, I understand from the gardening team, some question that the Crawshaw memorial tree had been denied light by the overhanging embankment vegetation; this should no longer be an issue:IMG_20180220_115435

The task now is, of course, to maintain it in the cleared condition – a good deal of strimming or brush-cutting required as previously mentioned in the blog.

Regrettably, I didn’t get to the Station yesterday – hence no specific blog – and as such my apologies for concentrating on this work.  However, I can report from the duty list that there was a good turn out and much was accomplished by way of station maintenance and gardening.

On to the next big task!





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