17 Feb – New bulbs but did the earth move?

IMG_20180217_110155Volunteers are like plants really – most are perennials, some hardy annuals and others temporarily dormant for parts of the year!  And as such, in February, just when you begin to wonder whether or not some of your old favourites have made it through another winter, you begin to see certain of them sticking their heads back above ground!  There’s even the chance of a new bulb or two or maybe a cutting from old root stock?  Which is probably enough plant analogies for one Saturday when a nice crop (sorry) of 11 turned up to continue fettling the station back into condition.  With Dave G at the helm, I spotted Bob & Roz, Colin, Steve, Andy B, John, Maurice, Mike, Terry & Dick.  I hope I haven’t missed any but if there were others lurking in the undergrowth my apologies.

Dick was industriously removing the weeds from the flagstones on Platform 1 and then proving he could still stand upright – very impressive at any age !

John was working on one of our ‘next train is….’ signs – the old version having apparently flapped itself to bits in recent weather extremes (or earthquakes).IMG_20180217_103757                                   (I am assured the string is  temporary measure!)

Steve meanwhile had extracted the goat from brief hibernation in its winter lair and was taking the maintenance task seriously:IMG_20180217_103443

Various parties were clearing down the ‘grassy banks’ and shifting fallen debris (again!)

Whereas Andy B was wisely working inside and is seen here in a rare view ‘behind the counter’:

But naturally no blog would be complete without the mandatory pictures of……

…………………….clearance on P1 embankment.  Hard going today without my trusty co-worker.

And finally Bob had adjusted and oiled our main gate but Mike felt the need to add just a drop more lubrication in a critical spot:IMG_20180217_103740

Worked very smoothly when I left; let’s hope the earth didn’t move and cause it to jam up again!



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