IMG_20180212_133513The trouble with clearance work – at least on the Racecourse Station – is that one discovers all sorts of holes in the ground – some ‘man made’, some naturally occurring through animal burrows etc and some the result of the rotting of long dead tree roots.  And then there are the ‘self-generated’ hazards of tree stumps not quite levelled with the ground.  Anyway, whatever their origin these are all equally capable of tripping up the unwary volunteer and/or twisting their ankles and/or projecting them down the Platform embankments.   You might gather that this vitriol is borne of the bitter experience of the past few months and this afternoon was no exception – see above.  Anyway, no harm suffered to anyone or anything so just another Health and Safety  point to ponder; it’ll be a while before we can let the general public up there.

A great turn out of 10 volunteers this afternoon including Dave G, Dave T, Mary, Colin, Roger, Ian, Mike, John, Dick and Chris.  And the weather was kind with a lovely sunny afternoon, cold clear and ideal for a bit of railway maintenance.  Apart from the work (obviously) the highlight of the afternoon was the monthly CRCS prize draw.  Here is the boss man managing the process (like a proper accountant would):IMG_20180212_151016

And guess what no-one present won, hence the ‘cheerful’ faces:

Better luck next month!

The team were busy cleaning and clearing with, of special note, a very fine job being done on the jet washing the platform edge – much improved with all the grime and slippy stuff removed.

It was also a great time to have a burn up – with much bramble, hawthorn and unpleasantness consigned to the fire. And finally shots of a defeated hawthorn trunk and of conifer/lamp-post combination looking across P1 and P2 towards the Evesham Road.

Only another 4 weeks or so and we’ll be able to see some trains again………

Lots to do before then, regards,



2 thoughts on “12 FEB – FIRE IN THE HOLE

  1. You state, ‘It will be a long time before we let the public up there’. Why would you want to let the public up on the top of an embankment? To me, it just seems like another H&S problem to cover.
    Regards, Paul. (St Blazey 1925)


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