Of course I shouldn’t have tempted fate by wishing for a dry Saturday morning in last week’s blog, since the fates dictated otherwise and Cheltenham Racecourse Station was it’s usual dank self!  However, it was good to see Paul L back at the Station for visit, with Dave G, Mary, Andy B, Steve Ben and John putting in some shift time on various jobs.

The day didn’t much lend itself to outdoor photography – ‘cos people didn’t want to hang about outside much at all, let alone stand still to be photographed!  As such most of the snapping took place in the staff room at tea break where the volunteers enjoyed more of a chinwag than usual (and who could blame them) with jam doughnuts!

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John was exercising his carpentry skills building shelves in the indoor (disused!) phone booth.  Dave was overseeing what painting tasks need doing, Mary was attempting to take cutting from various elements of the garden and Andy was busy on electrical matters.


Steve recovered the remaining benches for a brief spell under cover and some potential pre-season maintenance as well as assisting in putting some more weld mesh fencing along the Racecourse side of the Platform 1 Bank.  The task of clearing the overgrown hedge (hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose, bramble and nettle) is – readers will be relieved to hear – nearing completion.  So you won’t have to hear any more about it or see any more picture of anonymous hedge or brash piles.  Well maybe just one or two!

IMG_20180209_110809 This is a thicket…………….

IMG_20180210_114416………and this is a thinnet!*

Regards and still hoping for a little sunshine – please!


* an old Gloucestershire term for a neat hawthorn hedge (colloq).

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