29 Jan: A hint of Spring?

Tempting fate to suggest a hint of Spring?!  Probably, but the mild sunny weather encourage a small crop of volunteers to emerge from hibernation and put in a few hours on Monday afternoon.  There was a small paint gang led by Dave G, the second instalment of the platform edge cleaners (Mary and co), and others on pine needle removal plus general clearance and gardening.  Here are the majority enjoying some January fresh air and well earned refreshments:

Someone (allegedly Einstein) said that the definition of insanity was to carry to carry on doing the same things and expect a different outcome.  So today I carried on cutting back brambles and hawthorn in the faint hope that the result would be a nice tidy fence line.

I did think of leaving the loppers hanging on the wire as a warning to any brambles thinking of making a come back.  And after that comment I’ll leave readers to come to their own conclusions about the outcome, and the implication for those carrying out the work.

It was a nice clear day for photographing things – the rain had finished just before we started – and the westering sun allowed a shot of one of the few hawthorn trees I haven’t yet felled (just joking!):IMG_20180129_154550 (2)

And finally a ‘no prize’ quiz question: from the shape and style what was the likely original content of this jar, found lurking under the debris?

IMG_20180129_150334 (2)

Clue: the word ‘Chivers’ is to be found on the side.



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