Today a short tribute to the Monday Gang  – unsung heroes amongst the Racecourse Station maintenance team. On the whole they perform regular and much needed tidying and cleaning tasks leaving the ‘Saturday Specials’ to the heavier and (allegedly!) more glamourous work.  That said, some familiar names appear in the cast list and today numbered 10: Dave T, Dave G, Ian, John, Mary, Chris, Dick, Mike, Roger & self.

Dave G (happily restored to action) was busy in his painting gear and John appears to have enjoyed putting up a new calendar – perhaps its those racy pictures of trains!

Mary, ably assisted by Chris and Ian, was takling the messy task of jet washing the edge of Platform 1:

(They were helping – honestly – not just standing and watching her do all the work!)

Roger was, I believe, carrying out painting tasks in the Station Buildings, whilst Dick and Mike swept up and Dave T dug out some compost at such speed the camera couldn’t keep up with him:IMG_20180122_153316

And finally, I continued the project to reduce the vegetation atop Platform 1 embankment to a single neat line of immaculately trained hawthorn:

Hmm, I think we are making progress but there seems to be some way to go yet!

Pip, pip and a happy Monday to all,



2 thoughts on “22 JAN – DON’T CRY FOR ME VACUUM CLEANER!

  1. Get the patio cleaner attachment for the jet wash, will save you a lot of time and a must outside the station building doors if slabs as will remove all grit and grime and allow the slabs to capture all the muck stopping it treading into the building……


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