20 Jan – We’re singin’ in the rain, got a glorious feelin’ we’re happy again…

Well there might not have been too much singing but there was life at CRCS this morning. And where there’s life…………..there’s jobs that needed doing.  It wasn’t, for all those who thought the better of coming along, actually as bad as the forecast suggested – pretty much ‘one spot’ rain or a fine damp drizzle.  Which didn’t deter Dave T, Bob, Steve, John, Ben and AndyB from a couple of hours or so of travail – though it did stop me from wandering around snapping the workers.

As the final stroke of our post-Christmas tear down Andy (apparently assisted by DaveT) was removing the lights and what we might reasonably term light poles (as our American colleagues refer to lamp posts) from the station.  Here he is in action and accidentally creating a potential graduated 100m hurdles down the Platform 1 slope:

Could be a bit risky I think!

Talking of risk elsewhere on the Station Steve Ben and I were engaged in further clearance work on Platforms 1 and 2.  Felling the overgrown hawthorn trees should be a straightforward task but there are pitfalls for the unwary; I managed both to roll down a short stretch of the banking and chop a tree down onto a wheelbarrow.  That’s despite carrying out an informal risk assessment and exercising considerable care.  Just goes to shown that Health & Safety does need to play a part – no matter what task you are undertaking!  Anyway, no damage done to anyone or any equipment.  Here is part of the area concerned:

And before the eagle-eyed post a comment: yes we did remove the bird box before our lumberjack activity.  In fact here are 2 of said items waiting the attention of resident carpenter  (John):IMG_20180120_104644 (2)

After a modest refurbishment we will be re-locating them in a new, less-exposed position.  Also awaiting our attention is another patch of significant brambles which, when removed, leave not much behind – more weld mesh fencing called for I suspect!

John was active in the staff office – remedying some of the wood work – in the absence of  Dave G (off sick).  Best wishes to him and any other colleagues or readers who are suffering from the dreaded ‘flu bug – and I gather there are several!  Keep your finger crossed for a dry week.



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