There was, last weekend, a sad interruption to Santa Specials as the weather was too problematic on Sunday for any train service to run.  In common with the GWSR website and, I am sure, all the other train bloggers, our regrets for the inconvenience and apologies for anyone whose day was affected; sadly the weather is beyond even Santa’s control.  Luckily I am assured that he and his helpers are aware which children (and adults) missed out and will be refunding them all.

Today, however, proved to be less of crisis though not, I gather, without its issues because of Toddington’s water supply!  At Cheltenham all was relatively serene as railway passengers blended happily with multitudes of race goers.  Once again the heavy mob were in short supply due to illness, Santa duties and dodgy weather conditions.  As such the blog is light on participants and I noted Dave G, Terry, Ben, Steve plus Bob (briefly) and Dave T (on late shift).

The clearance work continued with Terry and Ben chopping, dragging and raking furiously.  Where once this bird box was secretly nestling in the wooded recesses  it now stands rather proud and may need our resident birdman to come and relocate!

Elsewhere Steve did some fettling in the loft whilst Dave painted and Bob made a list! The trains were, as ever, the most splendid adverts for our railway and here’s a black and white of an early arrival:IMG_20171216_094113 (2)Meanwhile, another form of transport was visible up near the ticket office:IMG_20171216_121521Now, for those in the know this is Steve’s bike and he carefully (and wisely) avoids the traffic in New Barn Lane by biking it up from Prestbury each Saturday morning.  However, as you can see this week his stabilisers appear to have fallen off and whether he got home safely or not no-one knows!  (Actually they are wheelbarrow wheels and Steve, as our resident Mr Fixit, takes these home to mend – all too frequently.)

Best wishes and season’s greetings,


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