Wednesday – Building Services at Cheltenham

A report from colleague Jim Hitchen – thanks Jim – I will ignore the implication of being sent to Coventry!
 BS at Cheltenham
Sent to Coventry, sorry Cheltenham, today so not many photos of the Winchcombe activities.
The main jobs at CRC along with Barry and John, were to adjust the recently installed gates on P2.  Fit a gate restraint to the gate on the field side, install a section of fencing to fill the gap on P1 and then to complete the edging timber, cut a straight edge to the tarmac and dig out and level the footpath area ready for tarmac.
Barry had already dealt with the gates by the time we arrived.  The gate restraint was then fitted, looks like a bit of “pway knock off”.
We had to use the Kango to dig out the pathway and filled over 2 dumpy bags of stone in the process over and above that used to top up the SB end of the path.
Jim H

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