I should, of course, have known better than to use the word wet in last week’s blog title!  Today, Day 2 of Cheltenham Racecourse’s November meeting, must have been one of the dreariest on record weather-wise.  Rain, mist, low cloud and the resultant general gloom could have pervaded the station but no, your trusty hard core of CRCS volunteers battled through to make the punters’ days out extra special.  Well at least a few of us turned up (Colin, Steve, Dick, Ben, Tim and Paul) with fleeting glimpses of Bob & Ros on P2 plus Dave G (Station Mastering) and Dave T (level cross monitor).

The general aim was to make the place as tidy as possible for the Race trains and continue to prepare for the Santa specials which start in December.  I’m afraid it’s a brief exposition today since numbers were few and the rain rather prevented any reasonable imagery.  Anyway, here’s my attempt at an artistic shot of Dinmore Manor backing with the first special of the day.


Paul got a quick cut of the grass in before the deluge and then did his usual excellent job with Billy in cleaning the platform and slope.  Dick swept all before him and Colin continued the autumn garden tidying tasks.   By the time I caught up with them all 3 were watching Steve fettling the Christmas lights!

The rather more glamourous figure in the background was not a CRCS volunteer!

Elsewhere it fell to Ben and I to try to improve our fence line with the Racecourse by inserting some weld mesh where previous clearance has left some bare spots.  I have to say of all the intractable, heavy, cumbersome and downright ornery things to work with weld mesh is probably the worst.  So I am not really sure why we are still smiling?IMG_20171118_112419_1CSOr are those grimaces!

However, I am sure next weekend with be dry, sunny and fine – so thanks for all the hard work today and see you then.