11 NOV 2017 – WET WET WET!

A wet and muddy 11 November presented limited opportunities to make progress.  However, undeterred by the weather a modest turn out included: Dave G, Dave T, Bob, Colin, Ben, John and the undersigned.  However, we were especially pleased to see Mick back from Aus – looking remarkably well all things considered.

Despite the relatively mild weather Mick and his daughter seemed to find it a cool contrast to Queensland’s tropical coast!  Take it easy Mick and we will all be delighted to see you back in harness when you’re fit and able.

One especially nice product of their visit was 2 dayglow Aussie sunhats (compulsory wear outdoors apparently).  We hope the weather at CRCS justifies their use soon but Ben (bravely!) agreed to model one anyway:

Great stuff Ben – we’ll have difficulty ignoring you in that headgear!

Elsewhere, colleagues were busy on close season tasks:

Dave G up a ladder painting and Dave T stock taking in the ticket office. Steve was allegedly sorting out the loft and whatever it is he seems to be enjoying himself!!!


You can have too much excitement of course, and to restore the balance, here is a long shot of Ben (aka Red Adair) ‘monitoring’ the fire on the Platform 1 embankment.IMG_20171111_115902

Looking a good deal clearer down here – but we may have to do something about the drunken concrete posts.  The other older foundations visible in this shot are, I believe, part of the original water tank for the P1 buildings.

John and Colin were doing garden tidying jobs – and escaped my camera – although John did produce an example of rodent damage to some of the stores in the garden pod.IMG_20171111_124201

The mice certainly make nice neat round holes don’t they!  And finally Bob popped in to carry out his usual varied activities including making sure the rabbits were weren’t eating the plants on P2.IMG_20171111_115955Should be safe behind that weldmesh unless they’ve got blow torches with them.

Regards to everyone,