The Loneliness of the Long Distant Painter……

Dear Bill,
    On a cold and sunless November day a very long running task has been completed and I felt we should celebrate it on our blog.
P1060945 3
    The preparation and repainting of our original wrought iron GWR “spear” fencing around the entrance to Cheltenham Racecourse station has been underway for several months. Located in an exposed position, work on this fencing has had to work round volunteer availability (painting is not the coolest, or most popular, task on the station), wind, rain and falling pine needles. It has thus been on the outstanding list of work that needs to be completed for some time.
    Today we can celebrate. Dave Griffin completed the top coating of the last two “spear” fence panels this morning (closest to the gate) and this weekend there can be no excuse for not rehanging the remaining wooden fencing panels from the fence and resiting our traffic cone storage bins behind them.
P1060946 3
 As can be seen from the image above Dave’s work this morning completed the task of repainting the fencing and gates adjacent to our main station entrance (for this year anyway!)
    Whilst up at the station today I noted that Andy and colleague have this week erected the poles on which our Christmas lights are suspended for our Santa Specials. It is a timely reminder that the days to do until the old gentleman arrives on our line are indeed getting few.

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