Monday Activity at CRC

Dear Bill,
With much of the workforce away (including this scribe) I suspect it was slim news pickings from the the Saturday team at CRC station. I understand that the few Saturday faithfulls were faced with race day crowds, a large wedding party and a final scramble by friends and workers to use up share holder tickets. I gather that to say the trains were well filled is a major understatement – perhaps when Broadway opens we will require 10 coach trains?
Today Dave Griffin and I were on the early Monday morning shift. Dave seeking to finish the preparation and repainting of the 2 sections of spear fencing near our entrance and yours truly intending to finish the final part of the Ticket Office front panel repair. Dave completed the rubbing down and spot priming of the railings this morning and this afternoon we finished undercoating one of these sections.
One more day like today and this long running task could be completed.
 After lunch we were reinforced by 5 more of our workforce with Mike on the brush (and making tea), supported by Ian and John.


Chris and Dave (T) were also out and about on various tasks on the estate, but sadly my shot of Chris’s work on the top of the embankment failed to transfer to this medium and my temporary employment on painting tasks resulted in no further images.
The morning sunshine let me finally finish the detail work on the front panels of the Ticket office and for good measure the replacement sole plate woodwork installed by Westbury Homes for us nearly 20 years ago was given a treatment of preservative before the new cladding and end caps were installed. My thanks to Dave and Ian Anderson from C & G Cladding for their free gift of these materials.
PS. The wire mesh cage on our Platform 2 flower bed is working well. As at 1600 hours today the score was Rabbits Nil, the cage “Won”.

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