Saturday 28th October 2017 – and then there were two!

Circumstances conspired to absent many of the CRS Volunteers today, including all of our routine bloggers! This meant  that the remaining ones were landed with twice the work!

See below

However, normal service will resume next week, when I hope we can give you  a post with some extras!




Hello Bill

Not much to say about Saturday really, see below


Then there were Two

A quiet day for volunteers with Colin Willats and myself. Colin carried on with gardening tasks and I tackled the brambles on the Platform 2 embankment with the strimmer. The weather was sunny and pleasant as we watched the carpark filling up with race goers whilst drinking our tea. We were impressed by the costumes worn by some of the passengers for the Spooky Special trains including spider hats and several witches hats.


Many thanks