Slim Pickings……

There were 8 of us on parade today at CRS and much of the  efforts  were going into cleaning up the platforms of pine needle debris. With storm Brian blowing a gale it seemed a thankless task!


Above – Andy  leading the charge…..

Whilst the clear up was in progress, the gardeners were doing there best to keep the weeds at bay and tend to the snipping and clipping to keep the gardens looking colourful before the frost finally comes to see off the flowers.


Above – a  less than flattering shot of Ros in action on the platform 2 borders. Sorry Ros….

I wandered down to review progress on the renovation of the pathway to the crossing at the northern end of Platform 1. Building Services have made excellent  progress and it would appear that it just needs surfacing to make it a job well done.



From Bob…..

    Having just seen OPHELIA depart north to Russia last week, today we had the pleasure of enjoying tropical storm Brian and the piles of pine needles that “he” and his aunt Ophelia have deposited on the station. This morning it was therefore many hands to the brooms, rakes and refurbished Billy Goat to collect the generous deposits of leaves and pine needles left on our platforms and trackbed by the high winds these storms have brought to us.
Above – Stephen
Above  – Maurice
A certain leader of the free world may not believe in climate change, I beg to differ – something is causing all these unusual storms.
We had a reasonable turnout this morning with Mike, Colin, Stephen, Andy, Maurice and Ros all involved in different ways with the cosmetic clear up before the first passengers for the Food and Drinks Fayre at Toddington arrived. The car park at our station was filled to overflowing this morning so we can assume that we have contributed to another successful special event on our railway.
    Elsewhere Mary and Ros were at work weeding and de-needling the flower beds on the Platform 1 ramp and on Platform 2. It may be windy, but it remains warm enough to encourage new growth both with the weeds and with the flowering plants that continue to provide some colour.
    POD 2 (our Paint and Painting materials storage unit) refurbishment was completed this morning, the last task being to resolve why the extractor fan units were not working. This has not been a problem in the cooler months, but we have concerns that during a long hot and sunny summer (Well we can hope!) there will be a need to keep this storage area cool in order that our costly paints are not spoilt. In the event (but only after taking the control unit apart first ) it turned out to be a simple mechanical problem that was quickly resolved by resiting some newly installed racking.
    Clearance of the worker’s room continues and here also an end is in sight. I say “an end” since other people’s treasures keep arriving on our few flat surfaces and “the end” continues to elude me!
    Following on from the clearance activities, my day inevitably concluded with a trip to the recycling centre in Town with a car full of unwanted “stuff”. I was fortunate that a brief shower of rain had just preceeded my arrival and the car park was nearly empty. This facilitated an unusually quick visit, not a normal occurrence for a Saturday afternoon.
    My thanks to Dave Griffin for continuing to follow up on my repairs to the front of the Ticket Office by applying top coat gloss white to the rebuilt area. If I find enough other tasks to do (and the weather calms down) he may just also finish the 3 panels in stone colour for me ? – Thank you Dave.

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