Monday – Red Sun Day!

Dear Bill,
    A short report covering the small Monday Gang activity at our station yesterday and the follow on today.
    Despite its high priority with Autumn rapidly showing its teeth, yesterday was not for painting railings – or anything! With the outer edge of tropical storm (once a Hurricane) Ophelia swirling around our station yesterday any painting would have been well peppered with pine needles and flying dust. It was however acceptable for gardening and Mary, refreshed after a holiday in Brittany, was catching up on the flower pots and beds adjacent to Platform 1.
    Up on the embankment Ian having swept some of the rapidly falling pine needles moved on to watering the Hawthorn slips that we have planted along our fence line.
As these youngsters continue to grow, further down the embankment Tim was redressing the balance of nature cutting down and burning some of their big brothers and sisters who have invaded from the fenceline onto the embankment. The pile of “cuttings” continues to grow, albeit the bonfires Tim has been feeding are just about keeping abreast of his clearance activity.
    Having been banned from painting the repaired panels on the front of the building,  which I found resplendant in 2 tone undercoat courtesy of Dave Griffin whilst I was away, I restarted the smoke alarm replacement task in the Ticket Office begun a couple of months ago. This did not go quite according to plan last night and I had to return today (Tuesday) to finish the task. My thanks to Andy Bint for turning out last night to debug the power supply issue I had encountered.
    Today our station was very busy with members (and their friends)  “cashing in” their shareholder tickets which run out at the end of this month, a couple of school WW2 visits accompanied by the “spy” who was duly arrested and send back to Winchcombe again and a coach tour – all good business.
Bob (with Images courtesy of Tim)

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