Saturday 30th September – News at Cheltenham

 A Blog report from Bob today.
Dear Bill,
    A smaller work party than usual at the station today with many regulars having alternative employment, holidays or AWOL. The biggest loss was our “Billy Goat” leaf sweeper which is again in for repair. Its absence a “stark” reminder of how long it takes to sweep up the pine needles by hand.This morning Mike, Ben, Colin and Stephen were all involved in this activity. Here Colin was posing for me as 2807 ran in with the 2nd train of the day.
    Before going on holiday Dave Tomlin left me with a small package of signs for our Platform 1 embankment to try and seek parental support in restraining their children from rockclimbing on the slag stone back wall. Stephen and I erected these on steel poles this morning and only time will tell if they will be heeded.
    Roger was continuing the painting of our iron spear fencing by the Ticket Office and luckily the expected rain held off for long enough for him to make progress with the preparation of another panel.


    Down by the signal box level crossing Pete Dickinson’s B&S team were working on the new Platform 2 retaining wall and the construction of an all weather new path from the end of Platform 1 down to the crossing – all preparation for the use of Platform 2 at future events.
    Earlier on in the week we “undressed” the station following a successful Thomas weekend and as Monday was wet and soggy all our bunting had to be cleaned, dried and folded before being packed away for its next outing. Today said decorations were returned to their storage area in the attic of the Ticket Office.
    Finally an image of Mike in his most popular role as the provider of tea for the thirsty workers.
    Bob Stark

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