Down in the jungle where nobody goes…..

There was something of an end of season feeling to start with at the Racecourse Station this morning – perhaps the overcast skies and cooler weather?  However, things soon brightened up with Thomas to the fore and his merry band of helpers including Bob and Ros on front line duties with the paying public, Dave G in charge of the Station and the rest of us (Dave T, Mary, Colin, Paul, Terry, Bill and self) joining in the songs from a distance.


Here’s the Young Controller and his assistant welcoming 4 of our early visitors – one of whom has fallen asleep listening to the brief!!  Only joking!!

Elsewhere Terry and I continued our battle to reduce the decades of invasive jungle at the top of Platform 1 bank – see left hand picture.

In the right-hand picture, under a metal cover for one of our water points, lurk several examples of the local fauna including, this morning, a rather sweet-looking vole.  Sadly, though he peered at me for a while he didn’t stick around to have his photo taken!  (I  have the same trouble with some volunteers.)  A nice cheerful sight and to ward off the occasional bouts of depression – when faced with seemingly intractable areas of overgrowth – I popped into the ticket office and reviewed the pictures of what it was like when ‘they’ started, viz…….IMG_20170909_110351

Elsewhere, since the billy-goat has been sent for repair, Paul and others were sweeping the platform by hand – which reminds you how big it is!  Later he was busy  gardening – as was Mary:IMG_20170923_095936

Colin and Steve were carrying out much-needed weeding tasks by the side of the slope down to P1.

Bill continued to rationalise what kit is left in our staff room so that we can open a small bar and drink beer have more space to sit and debate important railway matters!  Here he is considering what to throw away next and then contemplating how we will get the beer barrels into the loft space via the chair, worktop and then ladder using a pulley system.

Actually, it’s really all part of a gradual improvement to the facilities available to those who work at CRCS – both in the ticket office and the weekly volunteers – at minimal cost and of benefit both to the work done and to the people who do it.  I say not before time either!

Regards to all who read the blog,


One thought on “Down in the jungle where nobody goes…..

  1. Your comments about the staff room remind me of a pub in Shropshire near to Bridgnorth in a place called Quatt. It is a cider house and until recently had their cider gravity fed from the flat roof above. Must have been the temperature of bath water in high summer! Not many other drinks were on offer than cider although you could get a good game of darts, as long as you were not too tall, as the ceiling height in the darts area was only 6 feet! So you had to keep your throw lower than usual. All this has nothing to do with railways except that it was near to the SVR. Regards, Paul (St. Blazey 1925).


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