Monday, 18th September 2017

It isn’t often we get a comprehensive report on the hard work of the Monday Gang and the following blog post from Bob helps put that right:-

Dear Bill.
    In the absence of a better scribe to chronicle the achievements of the day I offer a short report below of the Monday work party achievements today.
    Sadly I must start with the reported demise of two hard working members of our team. Our trusted (?) pine needle eater “Billy Goat” has again suffered a serious malfunction and will have to be returned to the workshops. Bad news chaps, it will be back to brooms and barrows for a couple of weeks. The second casualty was the Dyson vacuum in the Ticket Office. I was asked by Station Master Dave to have a look at the machine as it did not sound “right”. This was an understatement and the noise emanating from the machine approximated to that from a cold war “V” bomber about to take off on a mission. It now rests on my work bench for some investigative surgery.
    Back at the station we had a good turn out and the promised dry weather stayed with us. On platform 2 we had Ian and Chris collecting pine needles and cones. As the image below shows the old fashioned method is much more strenuous than using the “Goat”.


Further along the Platform Ros was removing some of the weed growth from the Platform 2 flower beds that had accrued whilst we were enjoying the sunshine in Canada.


    On the way over to assist Ros (and assisted by a drum of mains cable and an electric jig saw with a long blade) I cut up the branches that Ben and I removed from the Oak tree on Saturday and these are now piled up at the back gate for burning at a future location on a non-running day. Ben – please take note of a future task requiring your attention.
  Dave T was having a bonfire to try and clear some of the back log of collected pine needles at the burn area, but declined my offer of more contributions today from the Oak tree.
    Meanwhile at the top of the ramp Mary was weeding and de-pine needleing our entrance garden beds with assistance from new volunteer Colin.


    Out of camera range Roger was painting railings and Station Master Dave G having a Cinderella moment mopping Ticket Office floors and attempting to vacuum the Booking Hall – it was at this moment that the Dyson vacuum sounded its loud note of protest.
    It was not all work, however, and there was time for tea and a chat – here is half the Monday team enjoying a cuppa. Out of shot there were 5 more happy workers!


    And finally a strange thing happpened when I got home. I had barely opened the front door when our telephone rang. It turned out to be cold call from a member of Dyson vacuum servicing advising me that my home Dyson vacuum was overdue for servicing and would I like an “engineer” to call !

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