Saturday 16th September – from little acorns….

There were 10 volunteers in attendance this morning and Bob Stark, fresh from his sojourn in Canada, kindly sent me this report of the morning’s activities:-

Dear Bill,
    Being refreshed after 4 weeks in the coastal sunshine of British Columbia and in the absence of scribe Tim, my short report on some of this morning’s activities follows:
    We had a quick tidy up of the flower beds on Platform 2 cutting back the last of the Hollyhocks and deadheading the Marigolds. There is still some colour, but this morning it was mostly green! An inspection of the trackside by the signal box indicated that the special herbicide applied to the Mare’s Tail weed growth before I departed has been largely successful with most of this fast growing, determined weed now destroyed. We will have to be vigilant in the spring to ensure it does not effect a recovery. In this area this morning the B&S team were completing the foundations for a low wall to keep the  embankment back from the new access path onto Platform 2. When I left at lunchtime they were placing a row of concrete blocks on top of the new foundation.
    Ben had decided to take on the new task of trimming back the oak tree opposite the signal box that due to the weight of Acorns on its branches (does this signify a long, hard winter is coming ?) was coming close to striking distance of our trains. Between us we cut away the most offending branches, but a return visit will be required with a longer ladder to complete the job. For the moment, however, the pristine paintwork of our locomotives is safe.
Ben 16 Sep 17
As we were completing our clear up from this work we were approached by Robert, our “Bobby” today in the signal box and he asked if we could adjust the inner gate of the emergency access route onto Platform 1 as the latch was sticking on the striker plate. An apparent five minute job took considerably longer, but the gate now opens freely, so freely in fact, it may disturb the signalmen when it rattles in the wind.

IMG_0114IMG_0119 2IMG_0121

    In other areas of the station I noted John barrowing in some carefully nurtured “home grown” compost for his WW2 Dig for Victory garden on Platform 1 and Maurice continuing his hedge trimming activity between the gate and our storage container.     Stephen today was in charge of Billy Goat, keeping the access ramp and Platform 1 free of Pine needles for our visitors and suitable for the large Wedding party that arrived at Lunchtime for a champagne reception on our train. Sadly there were no free samples from OTC for the CRC workers.
A couple of important extras:-
Here Mary has discarded her gardening gloves and trowel, and is glitzed up to help on Wedding Party duties. (see above)
And here Dave chats to a group from the Bodmin and  Wenford Steam  Railway, enjoying a well earned day off. If you are ever in their neck of the woods it’s well worth taking time-out for a trip.
IMG_0131 2


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