A Busy Wednesday at the Racecourse Station

I popped in to take delivery of the wooden door for the proposed fog man’s hut, which is to be located on the new pathway between platform 2 and the crossing. The door had been languishing in the overflow carpark field  at Toddington and exposed to the elements. Pete Dickinson kindly offered to transport it over in the BS truck. It is now safely stored in the compound at Cheltenham. Thanks Pete and co.


The rest of the fog man’s hut remains in the field and will require some sorting out before being transported to Cheltenham. The BR Fog man’s huts were made, as a kit of parts, out of cast concrete. Shifting and reassembling the hut will be quite a challenge!


Hopefully it will end up something like this:-

B.R. Fogman's hut recovered from near Langford & Ulting Station, Maldon Branch, August 2015-s

Magic Wand anyone????

The main task for Building Services today was to lay the footings of a retaining wall along the rear of the new platform 2 footpath. Great progress was made and approximately  two thirds of the footing was completed.




My thanks go to Jim Hitchen, my old Broadway mucker, who sent me some WIP photos. Jim is currently working with Building Services.



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