Rain Stops Play……..

Turn out  of volunteers today was modest – perhaps some knew we were in for  a soaking later on! For those in attendance there was much to be done.

Early signs of said efforts came from Tim and Ben who were giving the wooden fence sections behind the spear fencing a coat of “witches brew” – a local preservative recipe I understand!


Down on Platform 1  and up the ramp, the Billy Goat was being put through its paces by Andy. The pine needles are ever present and a stint on the Billy Goat is a good formula for recovering from the night before.


The Building Services lads were in attendance during the week and completed the task of concreting the crossing on the Malvern side. Here P & O is approaching the crossing having completed the run round to take the second train of the day northward.


The sky is just beginning to look stormy here and within the hour there was torrential rain. If you’re a passenger with the opportunity to visit the Ticket Office at the top of the Platform 1 slope, its always worth spending some time (and perhaps money!) looking at the items for sale therein, which earn a modest amount for the Friends of the  Racecourse Station.


The photos are a record of the super efforts that were made to get the Ticket Office back in action. Many of you will recognise the reprobate below – such Trojan efforts.IMG_20170909_110315



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