The troops were slightly thin on the ground again – as holiday time continues – so the team comprised Mike, Bill, Steve, Paul, Dave G, Terry, Maurice & John (& Ben in the shop which doesn’t count really).

The big activity was all up on the Platform 1 bank.  For those not ‘in the know’ the Cheltenham Racecourse group leader, having planted a new hedge in the Spring, decided that we should reclaim the rest of bank top above P1.  Now this had been pruned in living memory – if you recall the 1940s that is – and, as such, had become ‘somewhat overgrown’ (another Racecourse euphemism similar to there’s ‘a few weeds on the bridge’).  So we have started at either end to cut back the vegetation – essentially blackthorn, hawthorn, brambles and nettles – so nothing difficult!!  In fact, when one comes across a stand of elder it’s a bit of light relief.  Anyway, we have made some good progress, uncovered a few lost relics of station infrastructure and raked up some massive bonfire piles for suitable, passenger free, autumn days of pyromania. Here is Terry getting stuck in with the loppers and the revealed fence post line from either end.

Another week or so of ripping and tearing and we should be back to the 1970s line!  Further back, Steve was busy keeping what we have already in good trim – it’s proved to be great summer to have planted a new hedge and the bonfire pile can be seen on the right hand side, so care will be needed!

Elsewhere, Paul did his usual neat and tidy job of lawn mowing and platform sweeping, whilst John was maintaining the garden plus the associated tools – sorry no snaps. Bill was in reflective mood admiring the new B&S concrete path at the bottom end of P2 and pondering on the future of the Fogman’s Hut base (suggestions welcome – with or without the Hut!).  My suggestion was a statue of ……………..the CRCS committee members!

………………………..and finally Maurice & Mike escaped before I could capture them whilst Dave G was safely kept behind bars!


Ready, steady…………………………………..rake!




  1. A suitable use of the fogmans’ hut would be as a place to hide when someone says that ‘there are a few weeds on the bridge’. Only problem is that there will probably only be room enough inside for one, so first come first served! Good land clearance guys. Regards, Paul.


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