A Sunny August Bank Holiday Saturday

For once the August Bank holiday looks to be set fair, weather-wise. Saturday often sees  the volunteering gang depleted, as members take a last break for the season or attend  to family commitments. However, there were nine in attendance and much of the efforts went into the continuing battle to keep the vegetation and weeds in check.

When I arrived the Avon Scaffolding  team were well on their way to removing all of the the scaffold from around the Ticket Office.


This meant that the roof repainting was completed and that our pretty and unique  GWR Tickets Office could once more be seen in all its glory. It just remains for the walls to get a lick of paint and it will be ready to do battle with the winter elements once more.

At the northern end of the Station Site,  Building Services were busy on the  concrete infill of the crossing on the Malvern side.


It always amazes me how a relatively small team, lead by Pete Dickinson get so much done and still have a smile on their faces at the end of it! Nice one gents…

On other fronts Ben has been instrumental in tidying up the display cabinet in the ticket office, with a view to showcasing the GWR models donated to us.


Apologies for the poor quality photo – I tried to make all of the “what not to do when taking a photo” happen at once! Note these balsa models are not of any great monetary value, but they represent someones great modelling skill and clear love of all things GWR.

Yesterday Ben continued with the marathon barrowing exercise to complete the pathway to the compound.

IMG_0043 3


Oh to be that fit again!

I’m afraid my time was curtailed also yesterday, therefore that’s all I have to report, but please continue to follow our antics – the Autumn will be bring a new set of challenges.



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