Treading the Boards and All That!…..

After a somewhat enforced absence from duty for 6 weeks, it was good to be back among my volunteering chums yesterday. It was a  bright sunny morning and, as ever, the to-do list was long and winding.

For Tim and Ben the challenge of the morning was to reset the boards (sleepers) that bridged a dip in the pathway to  the storage compound underneath the the Evesham Road Bridge.


Some careful foundation work with  some  convenient rubble and some new retaining tubes, well driven in, saw the job completed. Well not quite, to complete the task it was necessary to retrieve some ballast from the north end of platform 1 (about 3 days camel ride) to fill in and stabilise other parts of the route into the compound.


Here Tim and Ben wend their merry way northward..

Back at the Ticket Office Dave G and Stephen were continuing with the never ending task of preparing and re painting the spear fencing. Not a very salubrious passing shot of Stephen hiding in the bushes at the rear of the fence!


Further along the gardening POD was getting a major refit from John  and I have to say  the result was a real work of carpentry art.


I’m sure all of the gardeners will appreciate the well thought out shelves, racks and bays. Nice one John.

Speaking of gardening, of course there is always much to done – weeds, flowers shrubs and trees grow at an alarming rate this time of year – no less so at the Station.

Terry led from the front yesterday with efforts to keep things looking neat and tidy beyond the station.IMG_0018

I would encourage you to to stop and enjoy the variety of colours on show.

As ever, other important activities were in progress which I either missed photographing or even missed all together! Sorry! I know for instance that we now have “hedgehogs” in the Ticket Office guttering, lovingly placed there by Dave T and Dave G. Naturally not the the four legged kind but bottle brush type material intended to keep the pine needles from blocking the gutter. Incidentally the Building Services team did a grand job on completing the TO roof this week – such an important maintenance task.

As well a Formarke Hall and tank loco 4270 in action, we had  extra steam visitors!

IMG_0016 2

These two excellent models are part of a  donated collection of locos, beautifully made from balsa wood and cardboard – how clever is that – my own skills only ever extended to Airfix kits!

Steamers of the day:


4270 picks up water.


Foremarke Hall runs around the second train of the day.

2 thoughts on “Treading the Boards and All That!…..

  1. Love the pic of 4270 taking water and the video of Foremark Hall running round, and then there is the close up view of the platform as the photographer forgot to switch off before putting the camera down! Now there is a shot worth looking at LOL! Regards, Paul.


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