And the gang were all here, at Cheltenham Racecourse Station: 13 regulars (Dave T, Dave G, Mick, Mike, Tim, Ben, John, Terry, Maurice, Andy, Bob, Ros & Paul)  plus 2 more guest workers on the roof and another foreign team (from Toddington not elsewhere in Europe) down by the level crossing.  Just as well there was a coachload of passengers or the volunteers might have outnumbered us!  Just joking, of course, but a formal thanks to the teams from elsewhere within GWSR for their help.  What were we up to?  Well………

Personally, I should, of course, know better by now!  When the team leader sends out an innocent sounding email saying that ‘there are a few weeds’ that need clearing on the bridge.  I thought I’d get on with this task and have it done by the time anyone else arrived.  Big mistake.  Huge in fact!!

Two hours later, and having ‘recruited’ Ben, Terry and Andy along the way, the job was done.  A few weeds indeed!  Anyway, it looks much better.

Elsewhere, Dave G, the resident expert painter, was taking extreme measures to remove the existing layers:IMG_20170812_113144

And Bob and Ros were doing their usual sterling job on the Platform 2 gardens/embankment (I’m not sure why P2 always tempts me to take photos on an angle?!) :

B&S were busy with ‘big boys’ toys’ improving drainage and generally putting the infrastructure in better order.  We look forward to the delivery of the Fogman’s Hut for the base (bottom left).

I am sure there was much other activity – such as the roofers – which I didn’t record; but here’s Maurice doing his David Attenborough and just visible through the hedge line:

Plus the newly appointed Paint Store Pod – so much better from a Health and Safety viewpoint I imagine.

So, well done to the gang: ‘here to entertain you’!!!  (Go on sing it out loud!)

Regards to all,



  1. I assume that the weed clearance proves the blog title of ‘It ain’t half hot Mum’, to which I would imagine that B&S would echo that statement! (hope they swept the rail surface prior to train passing over = it’s not dangerous but makes for a very uncomfortable ride!). Well done to ALL the gang. At least with the weather getting cooler, it warms everyone up! Regards, Paul.


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