It was a delight to see the Racecourse Station the hub of activity this morning as guest workers from other departments were hard at it on several projects.  Sadly, I didn’t learn any of their names so my work descriptions will be a bit short on attribution – apologies for that.  From the usual crowd there was Mick, Mike, Ros & Bob, Andrew, Mary, John, Steve and Paul.  (Dave T at a meeting and Dave G in charge of the Station!)

First the good news: Billy the Goat is back and no longer gruff – in fact he’s on top form, with Paul wearing a very fetching set of ear defenders:IMG_20170805_093537

Elsewhere, and having been away last week on holiday, I was dismayed to see that someone has carelessly let the vegetation run riot!!  You turn your back for a minute at this time of year and there are 10 foot brambles appearing from every possible location.  So Mary was busy removing weeds the far end of P1 whilst I tried vainly to chop the ‘hedge’ back to an old fence line:

Meanwhile, John was settled in into the Garden Pod further refining the racking system – in fact he was so cosy down there he didn’t come in for Mike’s preparations of tea/coffee & doughnuts!

Andrew was supervising Ticket Office roof renovations from on high:

On Platform 2 Bob and Ros were gardening and weed supressing, whilst a team from B&S were putting the finishing touches to the base for the ‘Fogman’s Hut’.  I hope there’s an unveiling ceremony on a suitably dank and dreich November day.IMG_20170805_093717

Steve was strimming (the GWSR equivalent of painting the Forth Bridge) while Mick reported that he had finished the shop fitting work and sealed the kitchen unit – very nice to get these last 2 tasks completed.

And finally, here’s the view from the roof: Racecourse looking verdant and Cleeve Common in the background.


Thanks to all involved.



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