With ‘Bill the Blogmeister’ away (please come back soon!) I am reduced to composing a hotchpotch of pictures and posts – in no very coherent order, but with an alliteration theme.  Credit is due to Mick for some of the images, and to Bob whose narrative efforts I have plagiarised mercilessly.  (Luckily, this sort of thing is not frowned upon in GWSR blogging circles.)

A good turnout this mixed weather Saturday morning and excellent progress made on several long running projects (ie things we’ve never quite managed to finish).  Andy M was inaugurated into the driving skills required for Billy Goat and cleared the platforms and ramp before our visitors arrived; Mary, Dave T and Maurice worked various aspects of the garden/hedge maintenance whilst Stephen continued his Sisiphyean strimming struggle (try saying that whilst eating a biscuit) against rapid weed growth on the embankment of Platform 1.

Ben and I finished the long running water pipe repair task on the embankment by barrowing many loads of sand and gravel up from Platform 1 to bed in a new OSMA drainage chamber and complete the backfilling of the hole created a couple of months ago.  (Bob was kind enough to point out that I broke the tap off in the first place so it was about time I sorted out the mess!)  We should now have another accessible water supply on the embankment when this is needed in the future.

Meanwhile Mick and Bob were working in POD 2 – another forever task!!! This morning the last of the electrical ‘stuff’ was transferred and, in order to stop draughts and keep out the winter cold, some of the redundant MOD fittings were removed. Mick installed the anti-frost heater and, after sweeping the floor and washing down the work surfaces, the POD was almost back to the state that we received it in from MOD. With these tasks complete Ben and Bob went for broke and moved all the paints and associated materials out of the ISO container and into the pristine paint POD – we just hope that Dave Griffin will find everything when he comes back, and that Bill has a plan for what he will do with all the new shelf space that he now has in the storage container.

Just to show we (the Saturday gang) aren’t a clique here are some snaps from a very cheerful looking Monday team:


Sitting down again I see!!

And here is one of the many things achieved: on the LHS Mick’s super new fitting for the shop with nice bit of mahogany on display (let’s hope the workers appreciate it).  Compare this with, on the RHS, my efforts to dig out the fire pit used to dispose of our waste materials

You can, I imagine, draw your own conclusions about the relative skill levels necessary to achieve the above tasks!  And finally, John was busy improving the fittings in the Garden Pod whilst others had hijacked the new shed for assorted specialised storage.


I didn’t imagine it would remain empty very long!!



PS: In response to the request for a bench half way up the slope: here it is!!


2 thoughts on “BETTER BRING BILL BACK!

  1. You will never get to the end of all the little tasks but it is worth it in the end when you go looking for the odd piece needed for a job and can find it quickly after all the tidying up! A great effort here and we look forward to our next visit. By the way, any chance that a bench could be put halfway up the hill from the platform to the ticket office? we don’t need an escalator! that would not be GWR, but that’s what I heard another visitor say was needed!!!
    Paul & Marion


  2. Hi Paul & Marion – thanks for the comments, much appreciated. Having trundled a barrow or 2 of ballast up that slope I understand the need for a rest at the midpoint only too well. However, unless someone’s stolen it in the last 24 hours there is a bench half way up!! I’ll post a picture of it. Regards, Tim


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