Another Saturday another hot and sticky morning’s work.  And another day when our numbers were slightly reduced by summer leave & other duties.  So it was down to Mick, Steve, Bob & Ros, Terry, Maurice, Mike, Paul & John – as well as the undersigned – to make hay.  In fact most of us seemed to be gardening or doing garden-related tasks.

Some time ago we (well it was me to be accurate) half buried our water source near the storage containers and promised (unfaithfully) to restore and/or improve matters.  Finally (cried the gardeners!) Mick have done so and provided a handy new tap – which only leaks ever so slightly.

We also had another minor issue of a very slight leak (from a tap which someone – me again! – broke off) in the same supply line but further down the bank.  I have thought – in more irritable moments – that a major leak would be better; since it would be obvious where it was coming from and we’d have no choice but to fix it!  We’ll get there eventually.

Elsewhere, Paul, John and Steve were maintaining the gardens; Maurice, Terry (& Steve) were reducing the vegetation growth in various places on Platform 1 territory, whilst Bob and Ros were trying to encourage growth of the right things in the vicinity of Platform 2 and kill the wrong things.  What is it they say: a weed is simply a plant growing the wrong place?  Hmm – I’ve yet to find anyone at CRCS who that thinks bindweed, brambles, horsetail and dandelions possess much horticultural merit anywhere!

Anyway, above and below are some of the weary workers in their much appreciated efforts to maintain our station at its summer best.IMG_20170708_112338Later Mick and I took some considerable pleasure in knocking the relatively few unwanted elements of the recycled shed to bits, putting the more useful into store and the remnants onto the next bonfire pile.IMG_20170708_121141

And where did potatoes come into it? Well, the ‘Dig for Victory’ garden continues to bear fruit (= veg) and there were both onions and spuds for some of the hungry workers to take home for tea.  Being from Wigan mine had to be put into a pie –  and very tasty it was too!