Regular readers will have gathered that there has been a bit of a drive to increase and improve the storage facilities at the Racecourse Station.  We are (I sincerely hope!) nearing the end of this initiative with the ‘new’ recycled shed (see below), and there remains only the ‘Fogman’s Hut’ to install – this last being no more than an outline project at the moment, destined for Platform 2.  This work is all about future investment really: to better equip the team at the Cheltenham end of the line to maintain and enhance our Station and, thereby, the service we offer to the GWSR’s passengers. Progress can appear slow (and sometimes is!) but look back over a year and you can see how much things have come on.  Notably a great deal of effort has gone into creating more and better space: for the volunteers, for passengers and for our kit.  The Racecourse Station doesn’t lack overall area – in fact in some ways it’s so big that nothing is ever to hand and the geography can work against you – hence barrowing endless loads of ballast up 20 metres and along 200!  The words most frequently heard are: ‘when we get this finished, we’ll be able to…….’; trouble is we never do get it finished as each task is superseded by another!

This Saturday we were shorn of our leader (Dave T – away camping apparently) plus the Starks and one or 2 others of our regulars.  However, Dave G, Steve, Mike, Mick, Bill, Ben, Andy & John were shoulders to the wheel.

First, Steve was busy clearing space by removing the laurel branches on P2 slope:

And on the way up there I took some quick snaps of the Stark Gardens. A very nice space if I may say so!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Mick and Ben were making better space by applying the final touches to the shed roof: felt, finial and all.  Not perhaps ‘shed of the year’ but……..

…..looking great and this should provide more useful storage for the garden equipment, viz:

So we won’t have to move 5 wheelbarrows before being able to reach a spade!  Hurrah say the gardeners!

Bill and Dave G were in close consultation on improving the state of the Ticket Office front wall:

More than a lick of paint required here I think!

Elsewhere, Andy was maintaining the hedge, Mike was sweeping/tea making whilst John was celebrating his new easy access Garden POD!

Beam me up someone!