The loneliness of the Long Distance Mower!

The Station and approaches were looking resplendent  in  colourful Thomas bunting today. This was largely curtesy of Bob and Ros Stark’s efforts yesterday.


However, I can say I would prefer not to hear anymore Thomas and Friends music – at least until the next Thomas weekend! Glastonbury it wasn’t!

There were 8 Volunteers on site today, some at the forefront of the Thomas activity and others, like myself keeping a low profile in order not to frighten or disillusion the Thomas fans.

In Stephen’s case he decided to put some mileage on our faithful mower and cut every blade of grass on site!


On other fronts, Ben and I continued our Bodger and Fixit carpentry classes. We are hoping for our NVQ soon. Here Ben is practicing  his sawing a straight line technique.


By the end of the session, 4 walls had been erected on the ex Broadway Shed and a coat of varnish on the floor.


This was only made possible by Tim working on Thursday to lay a nice level base. Thanks Tim.


As they say on Loony Toons  –Thats all Folks! 



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